• Sunshine Roll

    • 18.95

    Crunchy spicy lobster salad, shrimp tempura, mango wrap with soy bean paper top with spicy yellowtail, avocado, colorful fish roe, no rice. 

  • Apple & Jack

    • 15.95

    Salmon W.green cheese & apple W. squid & avocado top 

  • Fancy Spider

    • 15.95

    Soft shell crab, spicy tuna, eel, avocado wrap with sesame paper

  • Angel Roll

    • 13.50

    Pepper tuna, asparagus, kaiware top w. smoke salmon and eel avocado 

  • Black Jade

    • 13.75

    Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, top w. eel and black tobiko 

  • Japan One

    • 13.50

    Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, top w. spicy crabmeat 

  • Red Sox Roll

    • 15.95

    Spicy tuna, shrimp, crab meat, asparagus wrapped w. plmp soy bean pepper, smoke salmon on top 

  • Crazy Tuna Roll

    • 13.50

    Spicy escolar crunch top with pepper tuna 

  • Honey Moon Roll

    • 13.50

    Spicy escolar top with tuna & salmon 

  • King Lobster Roll

    • 13.75

    Lobster salad, avocado top w. BBQ eel and crunchy 

  • Fantastic Roll

    • 17.95

    Soft shell crab, lobster meat, mango, top w. seared tuna, salmon, yellowtail and chopped bell pepper and onion 

  • Picachu Roll

    • 13.95

    Grill white fish, crunchy, avocado, crab meat, shrimp wrapped w. yellow soy bean pepper 

  • Out Of Control roll

    • 13.75

    Crunchy spicy salmon, avocado top w. tuna, salmon, yellowtail 

  • Banana Mania Roll

    • 12.95

    Tempura banana, mango top w. spicy tuna and slice avocado 

  • Green Godzilla Roll

    • 12.50

    Crunchy lobster meat, eel, avocado, crabmeat, wrap with green soybean paper 

  • Marlboro Roll

    • 12.50

    Smoke salmon, crabmeat, eel, avocado, cream cheese, deep fried masago scallion on top, eel sauce and spicy mayo 

  • Hot Girl Roll

    • 13.95

    Crunchy spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy yellowtail top w. sliced avocado red tobiko.

  • Hot Boy

    • 19.95

     Yellowtail W. Jalapeno top W. tuna belly & cilantro W. mustard sauce 

  • Crisp Salmon Roll

    • 11.95
  • Flaming Heat Roll

    • 13.50

    Cab meat W. cucumber W. mango & salmon on top